OH OH Death

Death is one of the best-portrayed characters on Supernatural since the in-depth story of this being who lived before time and creation who knows the maker personally. Driving a pale gray 1959 Cadillac Series 62 coupe with the license plate “BUH-BYE”. He arrives in Chicago, Illinois, and stroll down a sidewalk full of people. A troubled man roughly shoulders past him, and Death tends to look at the man while stroking the surface of his coat where the individuals touched him. He then proceeds to walk as the man collapses dead to the dirt. Death has appeared in the city of Chicago to begin a large storm series that will trigger extensive weather effects and kill about three million lives. Doing this like it just an ordinary carpet cleaning service done by any professional intent on getting rid of a mess. Death, different from his brothers, seems to have a practice of wandering away from his designated duties, extremely to the inconvenience of Lucifer. It is implied that Lucifer has only a restricted amount of control over Death through his spell and that Death may be stronger than Lucifer. Continue Reading


The most interesting thing about the supernatural is the lore especially the history of monsters such as vampires, werewolves, shifters, and ghouls. These are the more common forms of beasts hunters typically face now there are more like Ginns and shadowy creatures, but they are rarer to find. We see Sam and Dean face many different foes to complete their tasks, and they lose sometimes. Lots people are left behind in the attempt for victory since the first rule of hunting is you can’t save everyone. Fighting against numerous monsters is full of obstacles such as a different character weakness, that hunter, the must research just to gank. As well as sealing apparitions and poltergeist, makes the dangerous job means these people are real heroes unbowed by the hands of fear. One of the most dangerous creatures you can come across are the descendants of leviathans old ones which existed before everything else. They are the kings of the other world leading the hunt in a determined effort to protect their interest in cattle more than civilians from the creatures that hunt us. We get to see nightmares in a different light as people; not some shadowless terror told in stories passed down over the centuries. One fact is never denied that all people both men and women can do great or terrible things so doing some rubbish removal is now a necessity. Continue Reading

Bobby Singer is the best example of a guy who will grind at his job till it kills you which shows a real dedication to doing what he believes to be right. The start of his appearance in the show displays him as a known hunter support researcher who also acts as a cover for any buddy that needs a backup story when covering a story. One of the best moments in season one is when Bobby appears in Devil’s Trap, to help save his old friend John Winchester held captive by yellow eyes minions. After John skilfully planned a crazy escape plan using holy water and rock salt but failed to understand what Meg and her brother are capable of including killing each if needed. The Winchester boys turn to Bobby for help since him the most knowledgeable hunter. When Meg turns up at bobby’s house, they restrain her using a devil’s trap derived from the key of Solomon that he gave Sam before, painting on the ceiling. It is Bobby that informs the boys of the fact that Meg is no demon herself, only a woman possessed by one. Following the demon is exorcised, plus Meg dies, Bobby agrees to dispose of her body and call the police. The thing I noticed most is there’s a lot of families moving into new and i wonder if the moving company knows which neighbourhoods are dangerous.
During the second season of supernatural, we get a feel for what Bobby means to the boys and the importance of his job when trying to save someone from a terrible monster. Continue Reading

One of the central themes in Supernatural is the bonds of family, and its strength to overcomes any obstacle that comes before it. The Winchesters and thier brotherly love were a testament to this when all seemed lost they chose family overall and won the freedom destiny denied them. Carrying Sam out of their burning house when they were children set into motion a chain of events involving an impala, one old drunk, and a fallen angel fighting for an ideal that peace and freedom aren’t the same though both are worth dying for not matter the cost.The choice Cas made to help Sam and Dean fight against the apocalypse re-enforced a shared understanding of his universe were family and loyalty trumpets orders formed out of righteous beliefs. Letting even the most ancients and powerful beings like God and Death to support there attempt to stop the apocalypse by resurrecting them numerous times. Continue Reading

Today I’m going to talk about one of my favorite characters Castiel from Supernatural my angel of the Lord.His first debut in the scene where he explained to Dean Winchester I’m the one that gripped you tight and raised you from perdition was fantastic. The we get to know him as this story unravels and get to look at the world from a new perspective allowing viewers to gain insight into Cas complicated existence. My favorite thing about him is the general misunderstanding of importance in the grand scheme of stuff created by an unknown father witness throughout time by all those formed in power, wisdom, and hope.Deans first reaction to Castiel announcing his arrival truly shows the magnitude of events for shadowed in previous episodes leading to his untimely demise. Opening scene displaying deans Hellbound soul held up by hooks surrounded by fires of hell awaiting unholy torment at the hands of godless creatures intent on ripping light from fallen human for plans not yet revealed. Continue Reading