Today I’m going to talk about one of my favorite characters Castiel from Supernatural my angel of the Lord.His first debut in the scene where he explained to Dean Winchester I’m the one that gripped you tight and raised you from perdition was fantastic. The we get to know him as this story unravels and get to look at the world from a new perspective allowing viewers to gain insight into Cas complicated existence. My favorite thing about him is the general misunderstanding of importance in the grand scheme of stuff created by an unknown father witness throughout time by all those formed in power, wisdom, and hope.Deans first reaction to Castiel announcing his arrival truly shows the magnitude of events for shadowed in previous episodes leading to his untimely demise. Opening scene displaying deans Hellbound soul held up by hooks surrounded by fires of hell awaiting unholy torment at the hands of godless creatures intent on ripping light from fallen human for plans not yet revealed. Continue Reading